Empress Suma

Artist, 22, currently living in Valencia.
Drawing since I have memory, and starting digital art on 2020.
Art Commissions are open, and any kind of support is greatly appreciated.
Art Program: Sketchbook (free version)
Graphic Tablet: Xppen Artist 12 (since June 29th, 2022)
COMMISSIONS• Semirealistic Human/humanoid commissions:
- Bust: 40€
- Half body: 60€
- Full body: 90€
- Real life: 55€
- Fictional: 100€
• Semirealistic Landscape and scenery commissions:
- Basic/Low detail: 60€
- Normal/detailed: 150€
- Fictional/Fantasy: 150€
- Small scenery: 30€
•Full commission: Characters+Landscape (+animals): 180€75% discount• Others:
- Chibis: 1€
- Tarragons: Free
- Discord/Twitch emotes pack: 15€
- When commissioning me, keep in mind that I have set the prices to the amount of time I'll spend with it, due to the difficulty. So the pricing goes 8€/h.
- Every commission will be paid via PayPal or Buy Me A Coffee, 60% before/after my sketch for the piece. The other 40% can be paid anytime between the sketch and the final result.
- Discounts are available for Patreons. The higher the tier, the greater the discount.
- You can decide whether if I can share the results on social media or not.